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Wiggling on the mountain roads is the best brewing for the trip, until you see the SUNRISE, you would experience the amazing so you could experience the happiness you long for has came true. At the end of Miaoli No. 62, the enlivened spa life and cultural implications is hiding at the mountain cols as if the expression of Bali.

Come to this green Arcadia, enjoy Mother of Nature which gives the birth of ground element of life and under the genial sunshine and washed by the clean air, your sprit would gain the energy again. At the moment, the time that Sun comes up from the east, feels the life is throbbing, endless!! Forest fairy hides under the night sky, in the deep darkness, there are surprises from the memory of child. About these “surprises,” right at the moment, we named “SUNRISE.”

New friends always ask why “SUNRISE” what about cloudy days, what about raining days? I always reply leisurely: SUNRISE may not only in the sky, it’s also on our staff’s minds, on our staff’s faces; We also hope by visiting Sunrise Hot Spring Hotel, such sunshine would reflect on your faces and minds. And you are……customers, also families.

Fanstastic Hotspring

Combine with Bali Southeast Asia ardor and Japanese meditation simple style, Sunrise Hot Spring Hotel is surprisingly firm on insisting principles. Staff jokes themselves as five “hearts” hotel – “Enthusiastic, Intent, Careful, Thoughtful, Sympathetic.” What a five “hearts” hotel! 21suites only accommodates 52 resided visitors, compact as a piece of fine art, especially under the concept of “Humanities,” carefully carve out a refined beauty as if the hotel presents fine arts every season which creates a warm current gradually

From Core of the Earth Private Cellar Carbonated Spring Sunrise Hot Spring Hotel

Taian hot spring sits in Wang Lung Mountain, Niao Tsui Mountain and Hu Tzu Mountain group and next to Wen Shui Stream, spring area locates at southern Wen Shui Stream, the spring source is from the cliff of northwestern Niao Tsui Mountain. In 1908, when the Atayal people Tu Lai Kai Nu was hunting and discovered this warm spring. The overall terrain is the peninsula-shaped, the years under Japanese colonization, Japanese established a police hostel, Japanese called “Upper Island” hot spring. In 1963, the former Provincial Governor Huang Jie changed the name to “Hu Shan” hot spring due to the spring is in front of the Hu Shan Mountain. In 1978, the former President Chiang Ching-kuo visited and renamed the place as Taian hot spring for the country is prosperous and the people live in safety.

Hot spring source is from Taian hot spring of Jinshui Village, Taian hot spring area has endless water all year, water is clear, drinkable and could use it to take a bath, the temperature is 48° C which is weak base carbonated spring. After bath, your skin will be slippery and comfortable.

Spring Qulity: transparent, colorless weak base sodium bicarbonate spring, PH value is about 8.0, Electrolytic degree 1770.

Experience Sunrise Hot Spring Hotel Star Cuisine Join Starry Party

Leave the 72 decibel noise, found Mountain cols from the impression of Bali
By Celsius 33 ° C photosynthesis to release annoying anxiety
Take 10 oz of coffee smell to exchange desire of the noise
On private cellars 42 ° C carbonated spring, make a foreign romantic luxurious romance
Remove the make up and experience Sunrise Starry Party

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